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Site last updated on 11/20/2020

Fort  Sutter  Racing  Pigeon  Club
A Great Opportunity to Acquire Incredible Racing Pigeons from

Ken Christopher

Christopher Loft
Tremonton, Utah


When:   December 5th (Saturday) 2020

The Fort Sutter Clubhouse
  3235 23rd Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95820

Birds on display:  9:30 AM       Auction: 11:00 AM

Lunch to follow the auction

All paid birds not picked up at the auction will be shipped out
as soon as possible (most likely Monday November 16th)

Special On-line Bidding Prior to the Live Auction!!!

A special feature will be available for this auction. All birds are listed at the web site with pictures, descriptions and pedigrees (click here to go to this site) This on-line auction will close at 6 PM Eastern Time on Friday December 4, 2020 (the night before the live auction) and the high bidder will have both the starting bid at the live auction and their proxy bid will be carried forward to the live auction.

The Live Auction:

The members of the Fort Sutter Racing Pigeon Club are thrilled to have, for the first time, an auction of birds from the legendary racing pigeon loft of Ken Christopher of Tremonton, Utah.

Christopher Loft begin racing in 1988. In 1991 he acquired some of the best from Campbell Strange’s Super 73/ Van Loon, Hekkenklak and Red Fox Janssen lines. These have been their main bloodlines ever since. In recent years he has added the best from the lines of Gaston Van de Wouwer (Berlaar, Belgium), Gaby Vandenabeele (Renterghem, Belgium), Ulrich Lemmens (Balem, Belgium) and Jelle Roziers (Berlaar, Belgium). These are four of the most famous lofts of Begium for the last decade. You may recall the name Van de Wouwer as it has recently been in the news. His hen “New Kim” just sold for 1,600,000 Euro ($1,893,662).

Ken’s birds have been responsible for hundreds of 1st place winners plus multiple Champion Loft, Champion Bird, Average Speed, Hall of Fame, AU Champion and National Ace awards. Even more importantly, his birds have won many, many more prizes and awards for his customers. His birds have won at all levels and they win everywhere they are sent.

Ken has not been flying club races for the last few years except for the AU Convention which he participated in and won. He has been flying a few one loft races and futurities, and supplying birds for customers from whom he get calls from frequently with winning results. Here are a few recent results:

  • 2019 Plymouth Peak 4 times equal 1st including 325 miles, 1st Color Bird, 12th Average Speed. This was won with a bird bred from a bird that placed the previous year 1st Color bird, 13th Average speed and eq. 13th 325 miles.
  • Derby Arona 2nd and 7th U.S.A. birds. Only U.S. loft to get 2 home on the final. Very tough coarse over water.
  • 7th Final race and 1st average speed San Francisco Triple Crown
  • A customer bred bird won 7th eq. 1st  325 Plymouth Peak in 2018.
  • 1st Evolution OLR 325 miles.
  • 2020 Plymouth Peak equal 1st on 5 of 7 races including eq. 1st 325 miles
  • 2020 Crooked River OLR eq. 1st 300 miles,
  • 2020 Franco and Belus eq. 1st 250 miles
  • 2020 Northern Utah combine futurity 2nd 325 miles
  • 2020 Grain Belt Classic 7th-16th and 27th tough race, only 9 day birds, we were the only breeder with 3 in the money.
  • 2020 Customers have reported 2 times 1st Big Red Combine, eq. 1st Rocky Mountain 300, 2 times 1st D.C. combine.
  • In the SAMDPR million dollar race his bloodlines have been in birds winning 3rd, 24th, 45th and 80th final race.
  • These are just a few recent results of his birds, there are many more. He doesn't talk allot about his birds, he  just sends them out and enjoys it when he gets  reports of their winning.

Ken will be bringing approximately 40 birds for the auction and he will personally be in attendance. He is sending his best including inbreds from “Campbell” who was 1st North American Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Overall.A grandson of this Van Loon/Hekkenklak was 1st Digest National Marathon Ace and another grandson was !st National Middle Distance Ace Digest Magazine. 3 generations of winners and adding to “Campbell’s” legacy every day. Birds direct from our other foundation breeders will also be included.

Bidders who can’t attend the auction but want to buy some great birds on-line will be able to do so with the help of our proxy bidder.   At many of the Fort Sutter Club auctions, birds with proxy bids were successfully purchased at much less than what bidders had approved as their top proxy price.  For any additional information on any of the birds to be sold, contact Ken Christopher, 425-230-4661.  Regarding proxy bids: call Frank Meder at (916) 847-1904.  Submit bids by 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time Friday December 4, 2020.   Birds can be shipped to anywhere in the continental United States at cost (be aware of new higher Postal rates, but we will use smaller boxes to help mitigate this). 

One additional option for remote bidding: We are going to offer Zoom bidding for a limited number of people who sign up for this option prior to the auction. This option allows bidders to see the auction live and to place bids as they are auctioned. There are some risks to bidding this way (for example the clubhouse could lose their internet connection during your bidding) and so this might not be the best approach for everyone. For those who would like to give it a try, contact Dave Shewmaker at 916-662-5339 prior to Friday December 4, 2020 9 P.M.Pacific time for a Zoom invitation. We are going to limit the number of Zoom participants to 20 so that we can give them our full attention during the auction. Participants are not obligated to bid, but we would like to limit the Zoom option to those who have a serious interest in bidding.

This truly is an auction you do not want to miss. 

Descriptions, photos and pedigrees of the birds are available at the website of . Click here to view the birds.

Before the Auction:

  • Fax bids to (916) 791-2040
  • Email questions or bids to
  • For other information contact Frank Meder of the Fort Sutter Racing Pigeon Club at (916) 847-1904

On the Day of the auction:

  • Live phone bidding (916) 452-2582 (Call prior to 10 am for bid set up if not previously set up with Frank Meder)
  • Live in person bidding at the Fort Sutter RPC Club House where the birds will be on display.


  • Off Highway 99, take the 12th Ave off-ramp,
  • go West to Franklin Blvd,
  • go South to 23rd Ave,
  • turn east onto 23rd Ave,
  • Clubhouse is 100 yards on the north side of 23rd Ave.
  • The Clubhouse phone is (916) 452-2582 if you get lost!!!!


  • Cash,
  • Check or
  • Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card


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