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Fort  Sutter  Racing  Pigeon  Club
presents a very rare opportunity

Dave Shewmaker Seminar:
The Genetics of Racing Pigeons

When:   January 4th (Saturday) 2020
9AM to 5PM with a break for lunch

The Fort Sutter Clubhouse
  3235 23rd Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95820

As a professional geneticist, Dave has worked over the last 50 years with a number of species including swine, sheep, cattle, horses and rabbits. His focus for the last 34 years has been on working with racing pigeons.

Dave has given a number of seminars over the past 25 years for the racing pigeon sport. His biggest problem with these seminars is that they have been too short and have not given enough time for discussion, breaks and simply reflection. He wants to do one last seminar that is specifically designed to be relaxed, largely free of time constraints and full of discussion and questions.

The seminar will be free, but there will be limited seating. You can reserve your seat by emailing:

More details will be forthcoming as we get closer to the event. One topic that he will cover in great detail will be DNA testing of the LDHA and DRD4 genes.

For those not familiar with his previous seminars, summaries can be viewed at:

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