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Site last updated on 12/25/2019

Fort  Sutter  Racing  Pigeon  Club
presents a very rare opportunity

Shewmaker Genetics Moving Sale Part 2

When:   January 5th (Sunday) 2020

The Fort Sutter Clubhouse
  3235 23rd Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95820

Birds on display:  9:30 AM       Auction: 11:00 AM

Lunch to follow the auction

All paid birds not picked up at the auction will be shipped out
as soon as possible (most likely Monday January 6th)

Dave Shewmaker doesn't sell many pigeons. As a professional geneticist, his focus for the last 33 years has instead been on working to improve the gene pools of his various families. Unfortunately for Dave, he has moved and he must drastically reduce the size of his breeding operation. After culling over 50% of his birds, he was left with a very select group, but still had more than he could accommodate at his new place, so he had an auction (Shewmaker Genetics Moving Sale (Part 1) February 24, 2019). He has now completed his move, but has down sized the new lofts even further. So, he still has more birds than he wants to keep. The birds in this auction are birds that he would absolutely have kept for himself if he had not moved and decided to reduce the size of his breeding operation. Many of the birds in this auction would never have been allowed to leave his loft under ordinary circumstances.

The Shewmaker breeding program is somewhat unique in the pigeon sport:

  • All birds are bred in individual pens to allow for accurate pedigrees
  • Over 750 birds are tested each year in his unique Contemporary Group Testing Program. Details of his testing program are at:
  • Families are fastidiously kept straight and (with only rare exception when there is a specific reason) cross bred birds are not bred back into the family. You can get an idea of his breeding philosophy from:
  • His families were acquired sparing no expense. The dozen families he maintains today were the best from over 35 families that he acquired and then tested over the past 33 years.
  • His 7 generation pedigree is unlike any other in the sport
  • He has done extensive DNA testing for the LDHA and DRD4 genes, having tested over 2,000 birds. There will be birds in the auction that carry BOTH the A allele for LDHA and the CT or TC allele for the DRD4 gene. These are incredibly rare! If you are not familiar with this new but very important topic, you can read about it on slides 32 to 48 from his 2016 AU seminar materials:

Birds in this auction will:

  • be 100% straight bred (no crosses) from his Janssen, Hofken, Hollywood, Zootjens, Jan Aarden, Jos Joosen, Stichelbaut, Delbar, Imbrecht and Van Loon lines (and perhaps a few from some other families)
  • come with a 7 generation pedigree (to the extent that the information is known)
  • not be older than 2014 (there may be some free birds attached to certain lots that are older. In other words, special birds that may still breed a few good ones may be gifted to buyers of specified lots).
  • be vaccinated for PMV.

For specific information on any of the lots listed on this flyer, contact Dave Shewmaker (916) 662-5339 or Frank Meder (916) 847-1904. Use clubhouse number for information on auction day (916) 452-2582 (call prior to 10:45 a.m.)

Detailed information about the birds in the auction can be found here (this was last updated 12/23/19 (540 PM PST):

  • Click here for the PEDIGREES IN BAND ORDER which shows detailed 7 generation pedigrees. The pedigrees are in order of the band numbers.
  • Click here for the SALE LIST IN LOT ORDER or here for the SALE LIST IN BAND ORDER. These listings are summaries of the birds in the auction. This is the legend for some of the columns in the lists:
    • Lines
      • JAN = Janssens
      • JX    = Mostly Janssen
      • S73 = Super 73
      • HOF = Hofken
      • GAB = Gaby Vandenabeele
      • HOU = Houben
      • ARD = Jan Aarden
      • VRK = Van Rhijn Kloeck
      • DEL = Delbar
      • VAN = Van Loon
    • LDHA
      • AA = AA genotype
      • AB = AB genotype
      • BB = BB genotype
      • A# = either AA or AB genotype (testing is needed)
      • B# = either AB or BB genotype (testing is needed)
    • DRD4
      • C#CC = either CTCC or CCCC genotype (testing is needed)
      • C### = CTCT, CCTT or CCCT genotype (testing is needed)
      • C#C# = CCCT, CTCC or CCCC genotype (testing is needed)
      • ##CC = CTCC, TTCC or CCCC genotype (testing is needed)
      • CCT# = either CCCT or CCTT genotype (testing is needed)
    • Color
      • BB            = Blue Bar
      • BBSL        = Blue Bar Slate
      • BBWF       = Blue Bar White Flight
      • BBWFSP = Blue Bar White Flight Splash
      • BC             = Blue Check
      • RCWF       = Red Check White Flight
      • RCWFPD = Red Check White Flight Pied
      • DCWFBZ  = Dark Check White Flight Bronz

Bidders who can’t attend the auction but want to buy some of these great birds will be able to do so with the help of our proxy bidder.  Please call Frank Meder (916 847-1904) or Fax at 916 791-2040.  Please secure bids by 9:00 pm Friday evening.  Birds will be shipped atour  cost to your loft located anywhere in the continental United States  All birds will be shipped out within two days of the auction. At recent auctions, many birds were purchased at less that half of what bidders had approved as their top bid price.  For specific information on any of the lots listed, contact Dave or Frank at the above numbers.

This truly is an auction you do not want to miss. 

Before the Auction:

  • Fax bids to (916) 791-2040
  • Email questions or bids to
  • For other information contact Frank Meder of the Fort Sutter Racing Pigeon Club at (916) 847-1904

On the Day of the auction:

  • Live phone bidding (916) 452-2582 (Call prior to 11 am for bid set up if not previously set up with Frank Meder)
  • Live in person bidding at the Fort Sutter RPC Club House where the birds will be on display.


  • Off Highway 99, take the 12th Ave off-ramp,
  • go West to Franklin Blvd,
  • go South to 23rd Ave,
  • turn east onto 23rd Ave,
  • Clubhouse is 100 yards on the north side of 23rd Ave.
  • The Clubhouse phone is (916) 452-2582 if you get lost!!!!


  • Cash,
  • Check or
  • Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card
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