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Site last updated on 01/15/2018

The Fort Sutter Auctions

To date, we have four auctions scheduled for the 2017-18 season.

Claude Rothgiesser (two auctions)

  • November 11 & 12 2017 Saturday & Sunday click here for details
  • January 20 & 21 2018 Saturday & Sunday click here for details.
  • Claude Rothgiesser is a world renown flyer and breeder from Canada. He has tried to sell out the last several years but is drawn back in. This time the doctors have told him “this is it.”  Most of the birds to be sold during his auctions will be European imports along with some birds off of those imports. All of Claude’s auctions will also be live on I Pigeon so if you can not attend, you can place bids before and during the auction.

Hapyco Lofts

  • December 9 2017 Saturday
  • Chic has been very busy the last few years with his restaurants and has not had his annual Fort Sutter auction. He will be bringing some of his Hapyco Bandits, De Klak Janssens, Dream Boys and Hapyco family. Over the years many lofts have benefited from the birds Chic brings to these auctions as they have gone on to produce club, combine and one loft race winners. There are some very special birds that Chic has put in this auction! Click here for details.

Broere’s Stonehedge Loft & Friends (Canada)

  • January 6 2018 Saturday
  • Champion Canadian Pigeon Flyers from the Ontario area. Four flyers from Canada will send a great selection of birds that have recently proven themselves as top race birds in their lofts and in one loft races.  Many of the birds will come from Rick Broere’s loft which has proven his birds fly in California when he had auctions at Fort Sutter before. Several of the other birds are from nearby top Canadian lofts that acquired birds from the Broere loft Click here for details.

We normally host four auctions each season beginning in November and generally ending in February.


These auctions represent an excellent opportunity to obtain first class breeding stock at a very reasonable price. Many races and futurities have been won by birds bred directly from birds purchased in our past auctions.


Phone and email bids are welcome. You can rest assured that all such bids will be handled honestly. For example, if you submit a bid for $200 and the bird opens at $100 and there are no other bidders, you will get the bird for $100. We will never open the bidding with your top bid or drive the bids up to your top amount. We will be happy to take care of shipping. Continental US shipping is typically about $50 for the first bird and $10 for each additional bird.



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