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Site last updated on 10/21/2021

The Fort Sutter Auctions

Upcoming Auctions:

Alex and Cindy Bieche

  • Auction November 14, 2020 SATURDAY. Alex and Cindy brought a great set of birds and had a super auction!

Ken Christopher (Utah)

  • Auction December 5, 2020 SATURDAY The birds Ken brought were outstanding and it was one of the best auctions we have ever had.

Frank Martinez (Paco Loft)

  • Auction June 13, 2021 SUNDAY A very successful auction with many fine birds and a great turn out.

Camellia City Combine Benefit Auction featuring
     Hapyco Loft, Ed Minvielle and Siegel Pigeon Supply

    • Auction November 14, 2021 SUNDAY Click here for details.

We normally host up to four auctions each season beginning in November and generally ending in February.


These auctions represent an excellent opportunity to obtain first class breeding stock at a very reasonable price. Many races and futurities have been won by birds bred directly from birds purchased in our past auctions.


Phone and email bids are welcome. You can rest assured that all such bids will be handled honestly. For example, if you submit a bid for $200 and the bird opens at $100 and there are no other bidders, you will get the bird for $100. We will never open the bidding with your top bid or drive the bids up to your top amount. We will be happy to take care of shipping at cost. Continental US shipping was typically about $50 for the first bird and $10 for each additional bird. However, recent changes in USPS charges have resulted in these costs going up significantly. Use of smaller profile boxes seems to bring the charges down somewhat. We will ship birds out to buyers and do it at cost, but be aware of potentially higher prices for the shipping.



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