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Site last updated on 12/30/2020

small_loftThe sport of breeding and racing pigeons is an exciting backyard family adventure! It provides quality time for families and teaches children responsibility and sportsmanship through competition in their local pigeon racing club. It provides opportunities for inquisitive minds to learn firsthand more about the pigeon's ability to navigate home, the nutritional and physical conditioning required to accomplish this feat with speed, and the genetic characteristics that makes a champion!

The racing pigeon, formerly known as the homing pigeon, is a beautiful, intelligent, endless source of enjoyment! Often, parents continue pigeon racing activities even after their own children grow up and leave the nest! Some continue racing pigeons with their grandchildren.

There are countless racing pigeon clubs throughout the world. The Fort Sutter Racing Pigeon Club is only one of eight clubs in the Sacramento area. Doctors, lawyers, educators, sports figures, skilled tradesmen as well as royal families keep racing pigeons.

Come join the adventure! Ask us about local pigeon racing clubs near you!



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